Custom electrical wiring harness

Are you in need of custom wire harness cable assembly services?

Rest assured, we bring over 29 years of expertise as a supplier in custom wire harness manufacturing to meet your needs.

Custom products are our specialty.

We offer high to low volume cable assemblies. Highly skilled workforce, Engineering Team and Quality assurance to complete the task at hand. Outsourcing your Wire Harnesses is simple, flexible, convenient and cost effective.
Wire harnesses are crucial components in electronics, facilitating internal connections for data transmission and power supply across diverse devices, machinery, and automotive systems. With a wide range of connectors and cable designs tailored to various industries, International Manufacturing and Assembly offers extensive expertise in wire harness manufacturing.
We provide multiple options to clients to accommodate their budget and design preferences.
We make products for many industries and applications.

We Currently supply to the following industries:

• Medical
• Automotive
• Power control and signal
• Home appliance
• Electronic
• Gaming
• Test equipment
• Communications
• Customized cables and more
We produce wire harness cables that range from simple to complex.