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Ultrasonic welding presents a favorable alternative to conventional fabric welding, offering not only cost savings but also accelerated and safer bonding of fabric materials.

Ultrasonic Welding services offer a precise and efficient method for joining materials in specific applications. This advanced technique involves the fusion of two distinct materials through the application of ultrasonic acoustic vibrations and controlled pressure, resulting in seamless bonds with exceptional strength and integrity

Benefits from the advantages of ultrasonic wire welding:

• High strength
• No losses in conductivity
• Short cycle times
• Particularly gentle on materials
• Low energy consumption
• Permanent process monitoring
• Support for multiple welding modes

Applications that often benefits from ultrasonic welding include:

• Medical
• Military
• Automotive
• Where electrical components are included in the assembly

Ultrasonic Welder specs:

• Wire Range: 1-12mm°, Copper wire, aluminum wire
• Capacity: About 0.6 seconds/time, according to the welding size
• Can be monitored in real time during welding, which can effectively ensure the rate of good products
• Support for multiple welding modes
• Preventing empty welding, which can effectively prevent the damage of welding head
• Exquisite structure, light and beautiful
• Using pure cylinder motion system
• Display mode, control and adjustment by touch display
• Easy to use and operate
• Power Supply 220V/50HZ
• Frequency: 20KHZ
• Power Rating: 2000W
• Weight: 54KG
• Dimensions: 490 x 460 x 450mm




The more value a company adds, the more profitable its operations. The Gamma 263 S is an attractive investment for fully automatic wire processing with a high volume output for many reasons: It requires only minimal space and offers fully developed, durable technology in a variety of versions at an affordable price.

  • •  For one and two-sided crimping and one-sided seal insertion
  • •  Wire cross sections from 0.13 mm² to 2.5 mm², optionally also 4 mm²
  • •  Proven swivel system with optional hold-up unit
  • •  Gentle wire processing
  • •  Economical approach to wearing parts


The Kappa 330 belong to the latest generation of automatic cutting and stripping machines. This model is compelling in the extremely broad range of processing they cover. With the simple, flexible touch controls, even difficult to process materials can be set up quickly and easily. The conversion to new types of cables can be done without tools so it is ultra-fast.

  • •  High performance
  • •  Simple, flexible operation with touch interface
  • •  Innovative sensors to aid in setup and to monitor processing
  • •  Minimal wire loss thanks to sensor monitoring
  • •  Simple integration of delivery and deposit equipment
  • •  TopWin interface
  • •  Networking in company network


This is custom heading element

  • •  Capacity: 150 lb, 667 N, 68 Kg
  • •  Display Units Factory Set for Pounds, Newtons or Kilograms
  • •  Resolution: 0.1 lb
  • •  Accuracy: ± 0.5 % of full scale
  • •  Digital Display with Peak Hold
  • •  Backlit LCD Display with 0.56” High Digits
  • •  Self-Tightening Wire Grip (P/N 15-3202)
  • •  15 Position Slotted Terminal Contact Grip (P/N 15-3087)
  • •  Lever Arm Pull Mechanism


The Cirris 1100R+ meets low voltage testing needs with hundreds of interchangeable adapters and up to seven expansion boxes. The tester’s large display will alert the builder to errors while the 1100R+’s fast scanning rate makes it ideal for finding intermittent shorts and opens.

  • •  Up to 1024 test points (128 pts/box)
  • •  Resistance range from .005 to 100K ohms
  • •  Tests resistors, diodes, and capacitors
  • •  Large display
  • •  Over 200 standard adapters which plug directly into the tester
  • •  Find intermittent shorts and opens by flexing the cable while testing
  • •  Determines which end of the cable has an open or short
  • •  4-Wire “Kelvin” Testing Capable